Fall Update

Hope you all had a great summer. Now we enter the Fall season and I’m so looking forward to getting back with my AAUW friends. I hope many of you read some good books this summer.

The first book group meeting is the morning paperback book group. On Thursday, Sept. 21 at 10:00. Betsy will be reviewing “Sister Carrie” an American classic by Theodore Dreiser. I started to read it on my Kindle but I couldn’t get past the first chapter. Drove to Frederickson library and checked it out to have it for my Amtrak trip to NYC the next day. I was surprised how interested I was in the book after reading it many years ago as a student. Looking forward to the discussion. Kathy B will be hosting.

On the First Tuesday of the month the afternoon book group will meet: Tuesday, Oct. 3 at 1:00. Pat R. will be reviewing “Mary Coin” by Marissa Silver. Marcia will be our host.

There are a few new books out now: Louise Penny’s “Glass Houses” is my favorite. She was featured in By the Book, NY Sunday Times, August 24. I would have missed it if it weren’t for Mary Linn e-mailing me about it. THANKS. My favorite part of the article was: What is the last great book you read? “Books for Living” by Will Schwalbe. I adored his first book, “The End of Your Life Book Club” and this one is even better. Beautiful, powerful, funny, warm and engaging reflection on the power of stories and storytelling. Itself a love story to reading.” I totally agree. I have both books if anyone would like to borrow one. Orhan Pamuk “The Red Haired Woman- a Novel” is another possibly interesting new book. Do any of you have any other suggestions?

Please remember the importance of RSVPs for both groups. The afternoon group needs to have the first 15 RSVPs to keep the group an acceptable size for the host and discussion.

Take care and looking to seeing you,

Save the Earth! It’s the only planet that sells books.

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