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Branch meetings will resume in the fall. See the Branch Calendar for other activities.

Community Outreach
Click above to learn more about our outreach efforts with the YWCA of Greater Harrisburg.

AAUW Funds Committee
Click above to find out about our awards and fundraising projects.

Special Interest Groups
Afternoon Book Group
Books chosen in June by members are reviewed by a member each month. Meets October through June on the first Tuesday of the month at 1:00 at a member’s home, with a few exceptions. Please notify the hostess at least 3 days in advance if you plan to attend. New members are welcome, but because of the increased size of the group, only the first 15 RSVPs can be accommodated. See calendar for specific dates, times, books and locations. Contact is Lorraine.

Cuisine Club
The group dines out seven or eight times, starting in September or October and ending in May. We welcome new members, couples or singles, to join us. Members take turns hosting, which involves contacting members by e-mail, making reservations with a restaurant (your choice or one suggested by the group), and being there.  For details contact Joyce.

Chefs at Home
This group plans and prepares gourmet meals in each other‘s homes. Contact Joan for details.

Culture Vultures
AAUW members have the first option to reserve space for themselves and friends on trips to cultural and historical sites and events. Suggestions for future trips are always welcome. Contact is Barb.

October 9-19, 2017: Imperial Cities featuring Prague, Vienna & Budapest. It’s open to everyone. Get details.

Dine Around Harrisburg

This group meets once monthly September through June on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, in various restaurants in the area. All group members receive email notices of venues and dates. See calendar for details. Contact is Marcia.

Fine Film Group

We meet about once a month, usually at the Midtown Cinema, usually a matinee, for a movie, coffee and conversation. Contact is Erica.

Paperback Books
Books (usually recent paperbacks) chosen by  members are reviewed by a member. Meets September through June (except December) on the third Thursday of the month at 10:AM.  See calendar for specific dates, times, books and locations. Contact is Dorothy.

Theatre Group This is a group that subscribes to Center Stage in Baltimore. We take a van to Wednesday afternoon matinees. Contact Dorothy for details.

Walking/Hiking Group
Join AAUW members and friends for some easy walks, some challenging hikes. Contact is Lee.