AAUW Harrisburg Funds Committee

The Harrisburg AAUW Funds Committee organizes fundraising projects throughout the year. The proceeds are donated to the Educational Opportunity Fund in the form of honoree awards.

Funds Committee Awards

Named Gift Honorees
Branch members are recognized for their leadership and significant commitment of time and talents to our branch. A contribution of $500 is made to the AAUW Educational Opportunity Fund in each of their names. See the list.

Recognition of Outstanding Leaders
The Harrisburg Branch AAUW Funds Committee also selects community and branch leaders for recognition.

Community Woman of the Year
The AAUW Harrisburg Community Woman of the Year award recognizes a non-branch member who embodies the AAUW ideals of service to the educational, social justice, and/or civic needs of our community. See the list.

Gateway to Equity Award
This honors an individual, group or organization that has shown by action and philosophy the promotion of the AAUW mission of equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research.  See the list.

Outstanding Branch Member
The Outstanding Branch Member is someone who has consistently participated in branch activities to a noteworthy degree. See the list.

Branch Teal/Member Making a Difference Award (new in 2012)
This award honors a branch member who has made a big difference in something important to the branch within the last year. See the list.

AAUW Harrisburg Community Women of the Year History

1988   Marnie Brennan (Director, Harrisburg Community Theatre)
1989   Dr. Patricia C. Donohue (Math. professor, Harrisburg Area Community College)
1990   Kim Shuster DuBois (WomanCare)
1991   Susan Anthony (community relations, The Patriot-News)
1992   Sharon Hankermeyer (Founder of Delta Housing, social service organization)
1993   Linda Hicks (PA Department of Public Welfare and community volunteer)
1994   Patricia B. Cameron, (Head of St Stephen’s Episcopal School)
1995   Dr. Virginia Hall, (physician)
1996   Sara Jane Cate (library advocate)
1997   Dr. Carolyn Dumaresq (educator)
1998   Margaret Mielke (piano teacher)
1999   Irene Baird (educator, Penn State Harrisburg and prison literacy program)
2000   Edna Baehre (President, Harrisburg Area Community College), Sandra Mosten (Harrisburg City Council member), and Kay Pickering (community volunteer)
2001   Anne Alsedek (founder, Open Stage of Harrisburg)
2002   Rebecca Pringle (science teacher, Susquehanna Township Middle School)
2003   Ann Van Dyke (PA Human Relations Commission)
2004   Cheryl Dellasega, Ph.D. (author)
2005   Nancy Besch (Cumberland County commissioner)
2006   Susan T. Mulford (Habitat for Humanity)
2007   Ruth Koup (Founder and CEO, Dress for Success South Central PA)
2008   Fredrika M. McKain (President/CEO, Institute for Cultural Partnerships)
2009   Anne Alsedek (Capital Area School for the Arts)
2010   Betty Holmboe (Director, Capital Region Partnership for Career Development)
2011   Susan Stauffer (Director, Pathways Institute for Lifelong Learning, Messiah Village)
2012   Lori Lauver (Director of Education, Whitaker Center for Science & the Arts)
2013   Yvonne Hollins (Executive Director, The Boys and Girls Club of Central Pennyslvania)
2014   Kristen L. Hauser (Vice President, Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape)
2015   Carrie Wissler-Thomas (Art Association of Harrisburg)
2016   Jonelle Prether Darr (Executive Director, Cumberland County Library System)
2017   Pat Vance (Retired Pennsylvania State Senator)
2018   Chris Baker (Hershey Indivisible) and Jean Handley (Fair Districts Dauphin County)
2019   Sharice Johnson (Milton Hershey School)