Scholarship FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions: AAUW Harrisburg Branch Scholarships

Should I apply for more than one scholarship?
If you meet the requirements of multiple scholarships, please complete a separate application and essay for each scholarship. Supporting documentation (i.e. references, Financial Aid Form, and verification of enrollment) can be submitted once per candidate.

What kind of transcript is acceptable?
An official transcript has an embossed seal and is available only from the Registrar’s Office. Transcripts must show courses and grades corresponding to the number of credit hours required. If you are a transfer student, be sure to submit transcripts showing that you have completed the number of hours required.

What do I do with the “Consent to Release Educational Records to a Third Party”?
The college registrar and financial aid officer will each require this signed document in order to release the necessary personal information.

How do I demonstrate financial need?
The college financial aid officer will use information from your current Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to fill out the financial aid form included in the application packet. The financial aid officer will be required to complete this form and send it by mail or electronically.

What is an academic reference?
It is a written reference from a faculty member who has taught you in at least one class. This may be mailed or sent electronically directly from the faculty member with his/her signature included on the form.

What are the different enrollment statuses?
Full-time status is enrollment in at least 12 credit hours per 15- week term, or its equivalent. Half-time enrollment is at least 6 credit hours per 15-week term, or its equivalent.

How should I send the application materials?
The application materials may be sent in one complete packet by USPS mail or submitted electronically. We certainly understand that it may take some time to collect all the necessary information, references, and documents, so please request this information with enough time before the July 15, 2021 deadline. We prefer the application packet to be complete, but we certainly understand the desire of some institutions or references to send the information separately, therefore, we will accept applications in more than one mailing/electronic submission.

Please email the Scholarship chairs at with further questions.